White Hooded Overall With Brown Spots, Baby Alpaca Fur

White hooded overall with brown spots, baby alpaca fur

White hooded overall with brown spots, baby alpaca fur Soft and exclusive baby alpaca hair to warm you perfect. This cosy, high quality fur has a shinning and silky appereance, this is one of the main characteristics of Baby Alpaca, you will love it. Enjoy feeling warm and using an amazing garment which is able to be found only here in Peru. We take special care that this noble fur overall fits you perfectly, we make this after your quite personal masses. The manufacturing lasts approx. 12 days. We need the following mass from you: Chest size (extent) Waist (extent) Arm's length (measured from the shoulder seam) Measure of shoulder seam on the left to shoulder seam on the right Measure shoulder to step Measure from neck up to your head for the hood Please send us this required information, after your purchase. All our overalls are tailor-handmade.

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